Coffee with impact

The Big C. is so much more than just a typical coffee business. It is a social enterprise with a new way of experiencing coffee and impact for our planet and the people who we love.

We have a coffee corner concept in two locations and our own impact coffee brand.


By social entrepreneurship we bring something new to the table and part of our profit goes directly to The Big C. foundation that has the mission to connect, strengthen and empower young people who have been affected by cancer.


Since our founding in 2016, we’ve been committed to giving back to our community, inspiring our customers and creating an impact experience that we hope keeps our customers coming back.  

Our customers value our quality, authenticity and the social impact they are part of when enjoying our coffee.

Authentic Coffee


Our coffee is a beautiful organic arabica medium roasted single origin from Mexico.

Mexican Chiapas 

Chiapas coffees are grown in the mountains of the southeastern-most corner of Mexico, near the border with Guatemala. The market name traditionally associated with these coffees is Tapachula, from the city of that name, but coffee sellers now usually label them Chiapas. Chiapas produces some of the very best and highest-grown Mexico coffees. 

Freshly Roasted Coffee

Our coffees are chosen and processed with great love and even greater consideration of origin, flavour profile and quality.  All of these components help us to deliver consistent, exceptional coffee that appeals to a wide audience.

Why our
story matters 


The Big C.  started with the story of Stefanie who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26. She survived and found the strength in her vulnerability by deciding to follow her heart and passion in life :  

coffee and social entrepreneurship

Stefanie believes that after a radical life-changing event people can be encouraged by a story to find their own resilience and get back on track.


So over the last 3 years The Big C. shared stories with a cup of coffee and grew in to a community that is on a mission to connect, strengthen and empower everybody who has been affected by cancer. 


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